Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life in denial


Step one is to admit you have a problem. Despite that fact that five of his students ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning after last year’s “bid day”, Mr. Shukas thinks maybe the problem is that regular students may have mis-reported they were in chapters, inflating the greek life rape numbers in Jennifer Freyd’s survey report. The ODE has the story:

… Justin Shukas, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UO, has made sure that there are a number of programs in place to make students feel safe in terms of sexual assault.

“We do a new member orientation program that happens within two to three weeks of when new members receive their bids,” he said. “We cover sexual assault prevention and alcohol abuse prevention.”…

Shukas said that many FSL members were surprised by the results of the study. “I think a lot of the students’ reaction is that they weren’t aware,” Shukas said. “The data was also self reported, and it’s unsure if those students were actually in chapters, so there are still a lot of questions about that.” …

UO FSL saw first hand how individuals’ poor decisions can lead to an unsafe environment after five sorority women were hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning following Bid Day 2013.

10/15/2014: Fraternity members 3x more likely to commit rape – UO Dean Shang says don’t forget about their community service

Jake New has the basics in a report in InsideHigherEd from September:

This month was not kind to the already-embattled image of the American college fraternity.

Wesleyan University announced that its fraternities would have to go coeducational amid a push from students and faculty members who say that fraternities encourage sexism and mistreatment of women. Clemson University suspended all fraternity activity following a member’s fatal plunge from a bridge. The Texas Tech University chapter of Phi Delta Theta was suspended after displaying a banner that read “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal.”

And with research and college health experts noting thatincidents of sexual assault and high-risk drinking are particularly prevalent among fraternity and sorority members than other students on campus, a question inevitably arises: Why don’t colleges just do away with Greek life completely?

Good question. Especially when the data says:

While the majority of fraternity members do not commit rape, they are three times as likely to commit rape as non-members, according to a 2007 study.

UO Dean of Students Paul Shang gives his answer in this new Josephine Woolington story in the RG, which reports on UO data on rapes of sorority members:

Survey: UO sorority students at greater risk of rape

… UO Dean of Students Paul Shang said he hadn’t looked at Freyd’s data in much detail, but emphasized that the research should not overshadow the community service that fraternity and sorority members provide to the university and to local charities. He said many students are interested in coming to the UO because of its Greek life culture.

Shang said the UO plans to expand Greek life to where 20 percent of undergraduate students are members of a fraternity or sorority, compared to the current 15 percent.

That’s right, UO’s Dean of Students failed to do his homework, but he’s decided to expand greek life anyway. Do the math – how many extra rapes is Paul Shang willing to accept? I must have missed the meeting where he presented this proposal to the UO Senate, and we adopted it.

Fortunately the UO student’s news site The Daily Jade has higher standards than the UO administration:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.04.21 PM

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Coltrane at AAU meetings

Presumably one of the agenda items will be the AAU’s efforts to develop a profitable “Campus Climate Survey” to compete with Jennifer Freyd’s free open-source alternative. The AAU has a pretty bloated administrative structure, paying both their current president (Hunter Rawlings) and what looks like an extra year’s salary to their past president (Bob Berdahl):

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.14.10 AM

So it’s no wonder they’re not willing to give this a creative commons license or open source it like Freyd did. Their RFP for the Campus Climate survey is here: Looks like the AAU intends to keep the intellectual property for themselves instead of putting it in the public domain, and presumably they’ll charge non-AAU schools for using it:

All intellectual property developed related to and as a result of this project shall be retained and solely owned by AAU, with participating universities retaining ownership and control (including use for further research and/or publication) of the individual institutional data. The AAU retains the right, at its sole discretion, to utilize a different platform and/or vendor in future administrations of the survey.

President’s Schedule:


Washington, D.C.

Association of American Universities membership meetings


Association of American Universities membership meetings continue


Interview with Chronicle of Higher Education

Travelling to Eugene


11:00 a.m. — Meeting with acting Provost Frances Bronet and University Senate President Rob Kyr

Noon — Eugene Education Foundation lunch
Interim President Coltrane attends a lunch event in support of EEF, an organization that supports many programs in 4J including college readiness and new approaches to enhance student engagement and success.

2:00 p.m. — Budget and Finance regular meeting

3:00 p.m. — University Senate meeting
Interim President Coltrane attends the meeting of the senate and shares more on the strategic initiatives planning based on goals for achieving competitive excellence.




Meetings with external partners

7:00 p.m. — Football
Oregon vs. California

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Feds outlaw methods Gottfredson and Altman used to hide rape allegations

Inside Higher Ed has the story, here:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Education published the final rules to carry out changes to the Clery Act today, requiring colleges and universities to collect and disclose crime statistics about the number of reported crimes that were investigated and determined to be unfounded. Previously, those incidents were not required to be reported, so the rule requires the disclosure of statistics from the past three calendar years as well as those going forward.

“That’s the biggest change we’ve made,” Lynn Mahaffie, acting assistant secretary for postsecondary education, said during a press call Friday. “It allows us to better monitor what crimes are being reported, see the extent that reporting is being abused, and provide technical assistance.”

The rules place more emphasis on not only sexual assault but also dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Colleges must describe each type of disciplinary proceeding used by the institution for each violation and how that is determined. They must include in their annual security reports a statement of policy and procedures for dealing with these crimes.

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UO Trustees require Coltrane to cut athletic costs. Mullens, coaches must obey Code of Ethics

In 1982 the OUS Board approved this Internal Management Directive, presumably in response to some long forgotten athletic scandal. They reaffirmed it in 2013, and in 2014 the UO Board adopted OUS’s policies and IMD’s wholesale, while they work out revisions.

UO has hired Pernsteiner’s former right hand man Chuck Triplett to manage this process:

List of policies:

Initial list of policies he thinks will interest the Senate (doesn’t include athletics):

Draft proposal for policy review and revision (doesn’t include Senate):

So here are the rules. I’m thinking those 5 years are up:

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.59.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.50.34 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.53.32 PM

The chances any of this will ever happen are not large. This “Code of Ethics” is not in the contracts for Mullens, Helfrich, or Altman, and I’m guessing their agents would protest any effort to include it.

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Duck athletics has $350M so far, expects another $430M from $2B fund drive. Remainder for academics.

10/19/2014: That’s half the $700M raised so far in this drive, plus 1/3 of the remaining $1.3B goal, based on the Andreasen quote below. Can anyone explain why the academic side is still subsidizing the athletic department’s bills?

The Daily Emerald’s Alexandra Wallachy has a good interview with VP for Advancement Mike Andreassen, here:

There were a lot of rumors last night that Phil Knight was going to donate a billion. Do you have any idea where those rumors started?

MA: “No idea. And you know, frankly I’m a little disappointed about that because our donors have been amazing, including Phil and Penny. They’ve given already, I know they will continue to give.”

And the RG’s Diane Dietz has more:

About half of the $700 million given to the University of Oregon toward its $2 billion fundraising goal — announced Friday — was earmarked for athletics rather than academics.

The tide is turning, UO Vice President for University Advancement Michael Andreasen said Saturday.

His rule of thumb is that the university should be two-thirds academically focused in its fundraising.

10/17/2014 10PM wrap-up: Coltrane announces $2B goal, $700M in hand, Knight doesn’t show.

About 1/2 of that $700M went to the jocks. Oregonian report here.

8:06PM update: Rumor is that Klinger and Clevenger got the RG reporters excluded as payback for The Bowl story. And apparently UO’s Strategic Communicators believe that the Oregon Daily Emerald news staff has been exposed to Ebola. They’ve got a pretty good report anyway, here.

But the Oregonian’s Allan Brettman is embedded in the big white tent: Follow him on Twitter, here.

Update: Reporter pours cold water on Knight donation rumors: Matt Kish in the Portland Business Journal, here.

Update: Chief Communicator Klinger incommunicado about contribution

Betsy Hammond posts the rumors about my rumors about EW rumors about the same rumors I heard, in the Oregonian here.

10/17/2014: Knight money to fund conversion of Mac Court to Academic Center?

Latest rumor is that Knight money will go in part toward converting Mac Court into a Student Academic Center. This would allow Rob Mullens and Tom Hart to continue to isolate the jocks from the general UO student population, while reducing the bad blood between academics and athletics over the millions in subsidies we’ve poured into the athletic department for the Jock Box and the Matt Court land over the past 5 years. See the upcoming UO Senate legislation here.

10/16/2014: Forklifts begin unloading pallets of Knight cash at Hayward Field

Looks like a billion from here, maybe a bit less after the jocks stepped on it:


The Eugene Weekly has a new rumor on my rumor, which was mostly based on their rumor, or a rumor I got from the same person they got it from, here. Maybe Chief Communicator Klinger will have something solid in the AM. Or maybe it’ll be another 14 years.

10/13/2014: Knight gift rumors range from $800M to $2B

One report says mostly for scholarships. I wouldn’t put much stock in the details at this point, but Friday does seem like the day for the announcement.

Update: UO’s Tobin Klinger reveals time and place of Phil Knight’s big gift

Friday Oct 17, breakfast. The report from Strategic Communicator Tobin Klinger is in “Around the 0″, here:

On Friday, Oct. 17, a breakfast will be held welcoming more than 300 members to campus, setting the stage for what is being described as “an historic day.”

The gift announcement will be made in the giant white tent being erected in Hayward Field. Presumably this will be the largest higher education donation in history, and a game changer for UO’s ability to perform its academic mission. Good for Uncle Phil.

10/9/2014: Knight to give UO $1B, with strings

That’s been the rumor since 1997. The Eugene Weekly reports the new rumor is that there will be an announcement this month. Gifts always come with strings, these have presumably been negotiated between Knight (or perhaps Kilkenny or Slusher) and Chuck Lillis. The BOT has to approve the deal for any gift over $5M, which presumably means the details will be public.

10/12/2014 update: UO Alum Marc Mooney asks “Did the U of O Become Faber College (with a really good football squad)?”, here.

10/11/2014 update: OC Register summarizes the UO academics/athletics divide, prior to big gift
Scott Reid has the story, here, with quotes from Bartko, Sinha, Harbaugh, Tublitz, and Freyd:

“Oregon just decided we’re a second-rate university that’s struggling to compete with other top universities in the country, so it was easier to grow in in athletics than academics,” … “The athletic enterprise here has become a monster, become the tail that wags the academic dog and no one here has the (guts) to stand up to them.”

Hint: That one’s not from Dev.

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Grad students declare impasse, will hold vote on strike this week

10/18/2014: My understanding is that they can strike 30 days after the vote, so presumably it will be the last week of classes, and finals. GTFs are responsible for much of grading, labs, and teach many courses. The administration is drawing up plans purporting to show that the undergrads can finish courses and issue grades without GTF’s. These will be a sham. Everyone knows the university can’t function without the GTFs, but the administration needs to pretend, to try and fool the parents paying the tuition. Hey, maybe Jim Bean will finally get his chance to return to teaching.

According to GTF website the two sides are not even very far apart. In the past the the UO Graduate School has negotiated directly with the GTFs. This time our passive-aggressive former president Mike Gottfredson decided to hire Rudnick and Frohnmayer’s HLGR firm, for some strange reason. Their negotiator Jeff Matthews, whose previous work mostly involved zoning easements and construction contract disputes, has botched it badly.

Any thoughts on why Coltrane didn’t pull the plug on HLGR before it got to this point?

Continue reading

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University of Oregon economist offers positive take on legal pot

Noelle Crombie has the report in the Oregonian, here:

Economist Ben Hansen discussed the potential implications for Oregon if voters approve legal recreational marijuana in the November election. Hansen, whose work focuses on the economics of risky behavior, spoke at theOregon Economic Forum, sponsored by the University of Oregon and held at the Portland Art Museum.

Hansen offered a largely positive take on legalization, saying medical marijuana states on average did not see spikes in crime and or teen pot use. He said research suggests some people in medical marijuana states substitute pot for riskier substances like alcohol and that choice may be a factor in declines in drunken driving and suicide.

Researchers looked at the first five years after medical marijuana was introduced in 17 states and found an average 5 percent drop in suicide rates. Among men 20 to 29 years old, rates fell by an average of 11 percent.

On teen use, Hansen said four different studies drew similar conclusions: youth consumption generally did not climb in states with medical marijuana laws.

“If anything, there was a decrease,” he said.

Hansen, in his own work, researched traffic fatalities in Oregon and 16 other states with medical marijuana laws and found an average 8 percent drop within the first five years of the laws’ implementation. The number of drunken driving fatalities dropped by 13 to 15 percent. The decreases were largest among young men, he said. …

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Administration kicks off diversity plan by hiring new AVP without an affirmative action search

“Around the 0″ has the latest window dressing, here:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.43.09 AM

Sounds great. So, did they do an affirmative action compliant search for their latest Assistant VP hire? Doesn’t seem likely:

Subject: Re: PR request, AAEO documents
Date: October 15, 2014 at 11:04:18 AM PDT
To: Lisa Thornton <> Cc: doug park <>

Dear Ms Thornton

It’s been more than a week since I made this PR request. I would appreciate it if you could let me know when you expect to be able to provide the documents.

On MondayOct 6, 2014, at 3:19 PM:

Dear Ms Thornton -

This is a public records request for documents related to the job search for the new UO Assistant VP for University Initiatives and Collaborations, announced here:

Specifically I am requesting any documents showing exemptions or exceptions to the UO job search procedures explained at and

I believe that this search and hire may have violated UO policies and procedures, and Oregon and Federal affirmative action hiring laws, and therefore I ask for a fee waiver on the basis of public interest.

10/1/2014: Chuck Triplett, who helped Pernsteiner fire Lariviere, now works in JH Continue reading

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Coltrane, Bronet meet with Senate Exec on Strategic Planning, policy review

Update: Good news for shared governance. Going on now, room 402 Alumni Center. I’ll do a little live-blogging.

Kyr introduces them by noting that this is the first time in 4 years we’ve had a President or a Provost willing to meet with the Senate Exec. Discussion is about how to get faculty/staff student input into developing goals, and a strategic plan for achieving them.

“Competitive Excellence” Plan docs are here.

Chuck Triplett then discusses how he’s going review and revise all the policies we inherited from his former employer, OUS. He’s proposing completely rewriting UO’s “policy on policies”, now to be run by a “Policy Advisory Committee”.

His new procedure contains no mention of the UO Senate. Zippo. Under the current policy on policies, the Senate has considerable power. I’m imagining there will be a few questions!

Q: Where are we out of compliance? Who can come after us? CT: Our academic accreditors, who insisted on the policy library. Hubin: We will *not* be subject to the planned accreditation review in 2017. It will be postponed due to the transition.

JB: Where is the Senate in your flow chart? Our Constitution is quite clear on the Senate’s role.

CT: We’ve identified the policies that involve academic matters as commonly understood.

JB: That’s nice, but the Senate Exec gets to decide, not you. I want the Senate Exec written into the process. RS: Yes.

CT: [Words come out, but I don't hear a commitment to do this.]

Coltrane: Lots of policies, we need to do some triage. PAC will do much of it. Suggests Margie Paris as a faculty member. [?].

Bronet: PAC will be Senate led.

JB: Where’s the list of policies? CT: I’ll send it to you, but it’s just titles.

Coltrane: BTW, We just discovered we never adopted the UO PD complaint and grievance procedure. It will come your way soon.

Pretty good session. Coltrane leaves. Era of good feelings continues.

Next, Carol Stabile on Sexual Violence Task Force.


1) Office of Gender Equity, headed by a VP. Report will explain what resources this would require. [Very expensive. Check the budget and staffing of the VP for Equity and Diversity to get some idea].

2) Senate Committee on Sexual Violence.

3) Support Campus Climate Survey – need that information. Need to assess what programs work, what don’t.

4) Wants to postpone Sorority/Fraternity Rush from fall to winter.

5) Improved implementation. End mandatory reporting. Audit Penny Daugherty’s AAEO office, there have been many complaints. Revise policy on sexual/romantic relationships between faculty and students. Develop proposals for mandatory courses. Funds for SWAT and women’s self defense. Track problems with sexual assaults involving Fraternity and Social Life. No data on which houses are on probation, etc. Let Ombuds office be confidential. Restart Committee on Alcohol and Drugs. More Title IX training for greek life, athletics. New booklet. MOU’s with SAS, Womenspace, EPD.

BH: Why nothing about athletics. This is were all the trouble started? CS: They wouldn’t talk to us. We had no cooperation from them. Locked down tight. BH: Seems like that makes it more important to have recommendations. RK: Yes. JF: Yes, very bad for UO reputation. JB: Make recommendations about athletics. Put them on the spot.

Long discussion about how to deal with the problem of the uncooperative athletics department and the PAGIA.

10/15/2014: Provost Bronet strips Mission Statement of 160over90 brander crap

New draft here. No, don’t click on that link. Trust me, it’s fine. Let’s all move on and hope Bronet posts some of Shelton’s secret budget model docs soon.

9/7/2014 update: Let’s throw “Go Ducks” on the end, and call this turkey done

The UO mission statement blog has now attracted a fair number of rather critical comments, including:

(1) As a UO retiree and graduate (Ph.D., M.A.), I was dismayed by this draft statement.  Is the UO still a public university? The only mention, under “Lead,” is to declare that it is a “preeminent public residential research university.” Similarly, under “Define,” we find it placed “in Oregon, the West, on the Pacific Rim, and the world.” Geographically correct (though the syntax needs work), but there is no indication in these packed-together phrases that the university aspires to serve Oregon, its population, or its students in any real sense. …  (5) I don’t agree with those who’ve said that the university’s declared mission is unimportant.  To me, at least, it matters that the university have recognizable aims, clearly stated.  The mission statement is a public document.  If I were on the faculty of the university, I’d wonder what this statement demanded of me, and whether I or my department might someday be publicly judged by it.

But probably all for naught, the Trustees are scheduled to vote this week, and they’ve put the original text in the docket.

Update: Administration’s mission of mass distraction accomplished. Faculty take knives to the mission statement in the official JH blog comments, here:

What does “sustainability”—a trendy word I realize we feel must go in there somewhere—mean as a component part of community? (Is it still the Edison Elementary School motto (with hand motions!): “Safe and respectful, including all learners”? Can we follow the lead of Anonymous and think about what we mean by this in a university?)How is “define” as aspect of “vision”? What does it mean to “seek definition”? What does the phrase mean: “seek definition through the recognition”? Can one do that? Does it clarify anything to say “seek definition through the recognition of the quality of…”? Someone needs to fix the punctuation to make the next part flow the way it seems to be intended: “We seek definition through the recognition of the aspiration, passions, and success of our students”? Our students apparently have a singular aspiration and plural passions.

Come on, you know you can’t resist – add your comments here. Or don’t, and instead read up on what really will matter, Brad Shelton’s budget model. Oh, wait, that’s a secret – website hasn’t been updated in a year, and apparently the Senate Budget Committee (report here), the deans, and the department heads are also in the dark. Here’s the projected data for the 2013-14 FY that ended in June. It will be very interesting to see how much more CAS gets taxed this year, and how much more the law school gets subsidized:

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.36.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.05.18 PM

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Huestis and history of science at UO

From a letter to the RG editors:

The year 1932 saw disastrous changes at the university. The Oregon Legislature, in a misguided cost-saving effort, decided to remove science instruction and make the UO a liberal arts university, with Oregon State College (now Oregon State University) becoming the science college in the state.

Within a few years all scientific research had stopped at the UO, except in Huestis’ “mouse house.”

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Harvard law professors oppose changes in sexual harassment policy

Eugene Volokh has the story here. One complaint is that the policies were imposed by the administration. Not a worry here at UO! VP Robin Holmes sat on the recommended changes for three years doing nothing, and Mike Gottfredson did his best to hide the rape allegations from our tender ears, much less try and impose any changes that might help address the problem.

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College quits NCAA, student health increases

Story by Jake New in InsideHigherEd about Spellman College.

In 2012, the number of students enrolled in fitness classes at the college’s wellness center was 278. That number is now more than 1,300. Spelman’s undergraduate enrollment is about 2,100 students.
“One of the things colleges try to create with students are these habits of the mind,” Tatum said. “But it’s also a wonderful time to develop what I call habits of the body. Students are making this investment in their education, and as educators we are investing in them. We want them to live long enough to see a return on that investment.

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Four years later, Doug Park is still hiding public records

10/15/2014: Thought I’d repost this email showing that it was current Interim GC Doug Park who sat on the public records requests which eventually led to the firing of Melinda Grier. Park seems to be at it again, with the help of Dave Hubin. The PR Office is using fees, delays, and redactions with abandon.

9/8/2011: RG reporter Ron Bellamy retires

I’ve never met him. But Ron Bellamy is the RG sports reporter who made me realize that what this country needs is political reporters who care as much about politics as sports reporters care about sports. His retirement announcement is here.

Bellamy’s persistent and unanswered public records inquiries about the Mike Bellotti contract ultimately led to a determination by Oregon AG John Kroger that Dave Frohnmayer’s longtime general counsel Melinda Grier had “provided deficient legal representation” to UO:

Richard Lariviere fired her. UO has been better ever since. Bellotti took his millions and split. UO’s new AD Ron Mullens is not going to repeat Mike Belotti’s mistakes – he’s on to a whole set of new ones. Dave Frohnmayer is no longer collecting a UO paycheck. Meanwhile Doug Park is still in the GC’s office, and his new boss is Randy Geller – Melinda Grier’s old assistant. Plenty of interesting stories left for Mr. Bellamy’s successors.

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