DUCK FAQ: UO-IAC and NCAA material

Some reference documents on the UO Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) and UO athletics, updated periodically.

Random marijuana testing policy:

… Your allegations about the University’s rulemaking processes are offensive and false , as are the comments made publicly by members of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. I ask that you apologize in writing to President Berdahl, Rob Mullens, and me. I also ask that you censure the members of the IAC who have published offensive and defamatory comments. 

UO Athletics governance:

  • Current Senate IAC charge and membership. Senate IAC archives including minutes. Additional Senate athletic document archives. Old Senate IAC charge and useful definitions of terms.
  • NCAA bylaws
  • 2001-2004 Athletics Task Force Report. A thorough, well researched, and mostly failed attempt to strengthen UO faculty governance over athletics. 
  • Former interim UO President Bob Berdahl’s failed 2012 attempts to gut the IAC.
  • OUS IMD on athletics. Section 8, starts at page 57. Now 15 years old and pretty funny:
  • 8.026 Cost Containment
    The presidents of Oregon State University and  the University of Oregon are
    instructed to work with each other and to pursue within the Northwest region, the Pac-10, and the NCAA appropriate cost containment measures such as grants based only on need, fewer grants, reduced recruiting efforts, smaller coaching staffs, and other appropriate measures. 

    If such efforts, over a five-year period, are unsuccessful, the Board will reassess its position and instruct the University of Oregon and Oregon State University whether or not to implement those cost containment policies even in the absence of Pac-10, NCAA, and regional action.

  • UO tells NCAA certification inspectors that the faculty have oversight of athletics, then tells faculty to get lost.
  • UO runs athletic “special admits” through a special committee, refuses to allow IAC participation or membership on that committee. More later. Comparison of PAC-12 special admits for athletics.

Duck sports and Oregon politics:

UO’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (currently former UO law professor Jim O’Fallon)

  • FAR James O’Fallon Contracts and contact info
  • NYT columnist Joe Nocera on the NCAA and O’Fallon’s committee.
  • NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) website and handbook. 
  • 2004 Task Force calls for review of O’Fallon’s performance: 
    1. We specify reforms in the review process of the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR).
      These reforms will help make the position more accountable to faculty and staff concerns while not diminishing the President’s role in choosing and evaluating the FAR. 

Academic issues:

    Player’s health:

    NCAA compliance, non-compliance, and reform:

    UNC scandal: Tutors write papers, professor runs fake classes

    UO’s infractions and compliance efforts:

    Duck financial info:

    Salary info:

    Effect of athletics on donations to academics

    UO IAC retreat material. These are annual meetings of the IAC and principals in UO athletics and other UO administrators who deal with athletics issues. Typically held in September.

    • 2005 retreat minutes. (Some history, Myles Brand, Grier’s role.)
    • 2006 retreat minutes.
    • 2007 not clear if there was a retreat.
    • 2008 retreat minutes.
    • 2009 no retreat minutes kept.
    • 2010 retreat agenda. (No minutes kept.)
    • 2011 retreat was not held.
    • The 2012 IAC retreat was held Wednesday, 9/19/2012. Minutes will be posted when available.

      UO IAC meeting minutes:

      • 2012-2013 minutes as available.

        Historical athletic reform attempts at UO:

        Some misc UO Senate reports:

          Books and reference articles:

          Humor and Misc:

          • South Park’s take on the NCAA and “student athletes” – apparently based on Billy Hawkins’s arguments.
          • includes independent analysis of Duck football by some truly obsessed fans. The history section covers all UO sports, and it is awesome.
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