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CnC update: Michael Moffitt to resign as law school dean?

Update 2/21/13: Latest rumor from the law profs down in the faculty club’s basement grow room is that Adell Amos is the top candidate to replace Moffitt. Apparently he still has 3 or so years on his dean’s contract, and is holding out for the full amount in severance.

Info request: If anyone knows what Moffitt and Gordon are telling the instructors and students in this program, please forward the emails to uomatters at, or post in comments. And check out this well informed reaction, presumably from a law alumnus.

Update 2/20/2013: From the CNC website:

Here’s hoping Law School Dean Michael Moffitt, a leading expert on “Appropriate Dispute Resolution”, and the person responsible for the unsupervised and now failed expansion of this sports and conflict program, makes sure that the adjuncts he hired to teach in it now get fair severance packages. If they were Johnson Hall administrators they’d get a year at full pay with benefits, no questions asked. Fortunately it looks like Moffitt has plenty of money.

2/19/2013. Michael Moffitt to resign as law school dean? Over failure to properly supervise the CnC program. That’s the latest rumor, overheard this afternoon down at the faculty club skeet range.

The post on the Competition not Conflict courses is here, the financial incentives for Dean Moffitt are here, and more on the history is here.