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Update: No confidence vote on Randy Geller, UO General Counsel

3/5/2013: It took almost two weeks to get a copy of Geller’s latest contract from Hubin’s PR office. Why? Presumably because it shows Berdahl tied Gottfredson’s hands by giving Randy a three year contract, at $200K a year. Even Bean only got two years. What sort of Interim President would do this to us, and to the incoming permanent President, knowing about Bean and Geller’s many problems? A bitter and angry one, who wanted to teach the uppity faculty a lesson.

2/22/2013: This is just a placeholder while I finish my due diligence. The Senate has a lot on its plate, not sure when this will come up. Past posts on Mr. Geller are here.

More evasive than a ninja.

1/12/2011: That is Oregon Commentator Stephen Murphy’s summary of President Lariviere at today’s UO Senate meeting on the Riverfront Research park ORI building:

“I’m a big fan of openness and transparency,” Lariviere explained, and promptly proved the fact by saying that he had an appointment shortly and did not have the time to answer all twelve questions, but even if he did, he would not answer them.

The whole thing is very well written. Stefan Verbano of the ODE has a similar take:

“The land … is clearly a significant public resource,” University economics professor George Evans said. “Can the University produce a signed document that all parties have agreed to? How can the University justify short-circuiting this process?”

…”I really feel that these questions have been answered,” Lariviere responded to a spattering of scoffs and guffaws from Senate members.

… “We are the ones moving forward, and it is the president who is stuck in the old ways,” Cziko said. “We don’t know who the president is representing, because it’s not the students and faculty of this university.”

Lariviere should have cleaned house when he arrived. Instead he kept Frohnmayer’s team, and he is now losing the trust of the faculty and students, for the same reasons Frohnmayer did. Very depressing.

Update: Clearly UO has botched this, badly. And the Commentator comments from the well informed Evan P. Thomas seem to indicate that they had at least some of the facts on their side. Making their bungling even more inexplicable – until you remember UO’s General Counsel is Randy Geller – former assistant to Melinda Grier.